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Interna tional House of Pra yer - mike bickle 

Encountering Jesus: Visions, Revelations, and Angelic Activity from IHOP-KC's Prophetic History 

Session 8 The Blueprint Prophecy and the Black Horse 


A. In March of 1984, 1 received what I consider to be our most comprehensive prophetic word. I 
refer to it as the blueprint prophecy . The Lord confirmed it in a very powerful and unusual way. 

B. On Friday, March 23, Bob Jones said, "The Lord spoke to me audibly saying that 'He was going 
to give me blueprints for this movement on Monday. '" The next day, he called me to reinforce 
the certainty and significance of the Lord sending me His "blueprints" for our future on Monday. 

C. On Monday, March 26, a prophetic man unknown to our team drove four hours to Kansas City 
from central Kansas to give me a prophetic word that was five pages long. He did not call us in 
advance so we were not expecting his visit. No one was in the church office when he arrived so 
he left it in an envelope marked, "Confidential, for Mike Bickle's eyes only." Soon after he left, I 
arrived at the office and immediately read the prophecy. Then Bob Jones called me to ask if I 
had received the "Lord's blueprints" for the youth movement. He said this was a historic day. 

D. In the cover letter he explained that the Holy Spirit had given him blueprints for our movement. 
This prophecy included the 24/7 house of prayer. It also spoke of the forerunner ministry in the 
spirit of John the Baptist, the Bride of Christ, and the Joseph Company. These were ideas that 
were not yet emphasized in our midst. 

E. On September 13, 1984, God confirmed this prophetic word to me in a supernatural encounter 
which included an angel and a demon. Concerning the blueprint prophecy, the angel said that it 
"contained much truth and great light." I did not share this prophecy publicly for 18 years. 


A. On Sunday, September 9, 1984, Bob Jones, Augustine, and I were speaking at a church in Tulsa 
that met in a high school gymnasium. Nearly 1 ,000 people were present. Bob and Augustine 
were standing on the platform giving prophetic words to individuals as the Lord directed them. I 
was also on the platform to provide an explanation of some of the things they said. 

B. Augustine was calling out individuals in the congregation to prophesy over. He was standing on 
the far end of the stage. Bob and I were standing behind him on the other end of the stage. Bob 
whispered to me, "You see that elderly woman wearing the red dress sitting in about the tenth 
row? The Spirit is resting on her. I have a prophetic word to give her after Augustine in done." 

C. Augustine could not see Bob whispering to me. Moments later, Augustine called out that very 
lady who was wearing the red dress. Since they both highlighted the same person at the same 
time out of a congregation of nearly 1,000 people, without any communication with each other, I 
was alerted that God might be saying something important concerning her. 

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Encountering Jesus: Visions, Revelations, and Angelic Activity from IHOP-KC's Prophetic History - MIKE BlCKLE 

Session 8 The Blueprint Prophecy and the Black Horse Page 2 

D. Augustine said, "Mother, would you come forward? I have never done this, but the Spirit told me 
to ask you to pray for us." Bob, Augustine, and I left the stage to meet her on the ground level. 

E. First, she prophesied to Bob saying, "God has given you much understanding of His purposes for 
the nation of Israel." Next, she prophesied to Augustine about a supernatural encounter that he 
was soon to have. It occurred the following Thursday night. It confirmed the blueprint prophecy. 

F. She said, "Young man, in your visions, you have seen angels and you have seen demons, but you 
have never seen an angel and a demon together in the same vision. Very soon you will see both 
an angel and a demon in one vision. They will be in a conflict which will manifest in the flesh." 

G. Following that meeting, we drove back to Kansas City. I asked them what they thought about the 
lady's prophecy. They both agreed that she gave them a true word from the Lord. Augustine 
verified that he had never seen an angel and a demon in one vision. He was perplexed by her 
prophecy that he would see a spiritual conflict which would be manifest in the flesh. 

H. During our four hour drive, a spirit of prophecy fell on Augustine. He prophesied about the 

future of the youth movement in Kansas City. He used some of same language that was in the 
blueprint prophecy. I had not told him about it. I was hoping that the Lord would reveal it to him. 

I. Later that week, after the Wednesday evening prayer meeting, I drove Augustine to the house 

that he often stayed at when he visited Kansas City. He lived in Phoenix, Arizona. It was then 
that I spoke to him about the blueprint prophecy for the first time. I let him read it. He said, "This 
prophecy is so important that I must ask the Lord to speak to me in a direct way about it." 

J. About midnight, I got in my car to drive home. I was perplexed that it would not start. The man 

whose house Augustine was staying in had already gone to bed or he could have given me a ride 
home. So, I had to spend the night at his house. He only had one extra bedroom, but it was large 
and had two beds on opposite sides of the room and so I had to sleep in the room with Augustine. 
On Thursday morning September 13, Augustine and I had the spiritual encounter with angels and 
demons that the lady in Tulsa had prophesied four days earlier. The details are too complicated 
so I will only give a few of the main points of this very unusual encounter. 

K. At 5:00am I was awakened by great pain in my right knee. Augustine was kneeling on the floor 
having an open vision. He saw a large demon that appeared as a large black horse that struck me 
on my right knee. An angel told Augustine that when we "went to the east" I would be attacked 
with demonic rage. We had planted a new congregation in the east of Kansas City in October 
1989. In December of that year, Noel Alexander said, "Now that we have gone to the east, we 
will surely be attacked by the black horse that appeared to Augustine back in September of 
1984." In the spring of 1990, we were attacked with false charges made by different ministries 
around America and other nations. My knee was in great pain for the next eighteen hours and it 
came and went over the next thirty days. Mysteriously, my car worked the next morning. 

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Encountering Jesus: Visions, Revelations, and Angelic Activity from IHOP-KC's Prophetic History - MIKE BlCKLE 

Session 8 The Blueprint Prophecy and the Black Horse Page 3 


God shall confirm in your spirit; and do not proceed until He does. Upon the confirmation you should begin to 
act immediately to take the bride to the city; to the city of Kansas City, rather than having the city come to Him. 
Therefore there should be another... on the north side and on the east side and on the west side, even as it is on 
the south side. Therefore there shall be four. . . 

My grace is sufficient. My grace is Me in you and in this shall be a 5-fold ministry. 

You are a Garden Center... of My choice, says the Lord. In My Garden Center... I shall raise up... plants of 
renown... it shall be known, and the ways shall be renown. I will bring and place. ..those that will be the 
caretakers. You shall be a dresser of My vineyard, says the Lord, and the vineyard shall be these people that I 
shall bring to you and out of you. 

Even out of the loins of the blood line of the flesh of Abraham—even as I said there would be many seeds, many 
nations, kindred, and tongues... there shall flow forth many sons and daughters. They shall be known and 
renowned. Even as the children of the renowned, so shall they be. These children shall flow out of. . .My Spirit. 

They shall be spiritual children and they shall inhabit the uttermost parts of the earth. They shall inhabit the 
place that I have called for you to settle and to raise up other ministries and to send out. 

You shall set in order. . .as I call the signals. You shall only act, as I send in the signals to you. As I give you the 
word of My messengers, you shall hear. It shall be confirmed as a truth in your heart and then you shall act 
upon it. Upon the acting of this, I will place within you and within your hands the 5-fold ministry. 

The ministry shall flow and rotate... You shall set in as I will call... those whom I shall confirm by My Holy 
Spirit. I would... prepare for Me a bride in this area. The people shall flow then into the Tabernacles of 

They shall flow from the north, the east, the south and the west. They shall come and they shall be dandled by 
their sides... You shall be ministers of light and ministers of truth. Even this shall be a people that shall be 
known of Me. I shall be their God and they shall be My people. 

Their responsibility lies within Me. Their safety lies within drawing close together. Yes, I would have them 
draw real close together. I say again, that their safety lies in drawing close together . There shall be unity of the 
Spirit and of the doctrine. Your doctrine shall be My doctrine. 

I will prepare a place for My people. You shall go forth and lead My people to a place of Habitation. I will 
show you and I will guide you. There shall be a time and a season and a place for My people to go. Even as I 
shall call them forth before the cities become desolate. 

There shall be schools of ministry. They shall flow out of the city into the country, into the City of Habitation. 

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Encountering Jesus: Visions, Revelations, and Angelic Activity from IHOP-KC's Prophetic History - MIKE BlCKLE 

Session 8 The Blueprint Prophecy and the Black Horse Page 4 

This load shall be too heavy for you. You shall not be able to bear the burden alone. I shall raise up many 
helpers both male and female. I will set them and call them to stand by your side. You shall go forth and lead a 
people even as Moses led a people. There shall be those that shall lift up your hands. Consecrate this people... I 
would have you to delegate the authority, duty, and responsibility, because you cannot carry this load yourself. 
The burden is too heavy and the journey is too far. 

Even as I sent wise men to behold My Son's birth, so shall I send wise men to teach you, help you, guide you 
and to be a strength and a source of supply to you. 

I shall be your purse bearer. I shall raise up ministers of finance in this area. I will hand the checks and the 
money as the time is prepared for this. 

To those that will hear My voice, yield, become obedient and truly do as My word says by setting the kingdom 
first in their heart, I shall bless them and cause them to prosper. 

They will know that of a truth, that it is the Lord that gives them power to get wealth (Deut. 8:18). They shall 
prosper when there is no prosperity and bear fruit when others are barren. 

Your land and your habitation shall be a place of a forerunner. You shall go before hand. Even as I sent Joseph 
before hand, so shall you go before. shall send forth the Joseph out of My bride and My congregation to 
prepare, even to make ready a time and a place that I shall choose. It shall be of My choosing and of My calling. 

There shall be many that shall raise up out of you and you shall be known in your ministries. 

From out of you, shall come forth a 5-fold ministry. This ministry shall be known and established. . .1 shall move 
quickly. I will do a quick work in teaching and in bringing up these people that must be brought up. Yes, this 
must be a "do-work" and a new work. 

As I open My hand, even out of the clouds. As My hand opens and pulsates so shall the children grow mightily 
and quickly. 

I shall bring them up, teach them and lead them by the right way that they might go and prepare a City for 
Habitation. They will plant their vineyards and sow their fields. Their cattle shall give their increase. For even 
as I have sent My messengers and many have heard the voice. . .1 have, shot the arrow of My deliverance for My 
people. The arrow is the flaming arrow of My deliverance of My gospel and of My power. 

The outpouring shall be released in this area and upon this city. It shall be noised abroad even worldwide. They 
will stand in awe and will return unto the Holy reverence of My Name and of My people. They shall flourish. 
The way of My teachings shall be by My Spirit and My Word. I will do a new thing. 

I will visit them in the night season with dreams and visions as I have said in My Word. I will even send My 
angels. I will take people in the Spirit and catch them away in the Spirit. It shall be by Me and I shall teach them 
in new ways. 

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Encountering Jesus: Visions, Revelations, and Angelic Activity from IHOP-KC's Prophetic History - MIKE BlCKLE 

Session 8 The Blueprint Prophecy and the Black Horse Page 5 

My Word shall not return unto me void but that which I have said is absolute. My Word is absolute. My Word 
is sovereign. My Word is established. My Word shall be. 

If there be those that are stubborn, rebellious and obstinate, I shall remove the royal diadem and the crown of 
glory and I shall give it to another, says the Lord. 

This is the day of My visitation unto you. I shall call the recording angels of heaven and earth to record to you 
this day. It is sealed upon you and it cannot be removed, in Jesus' mighty name. 

For you shall not build unto Me or unto yourself buildings of places to ingather. You shall continue with the 
plan as I have given you in the beginning. For it is My plan. It shall be by My design and shall not be by 
groping as in the dark. 

Even as Paul had seen the light, but his fellow-laborers saw not the light, but he became the reflection of that 
light, even as John bore witness of that light. For it is given unto you, to know and to see the Just One (Acts 
22:12-14). For I have many people that must yet come to the light. My Light is Understanding . 

For out of the center of the hub, it shall grow forth from the House of Prayer. For I have said, "My House shall 
be called a House of Prayer". For this is of Me. The fifth shall be My grace. For out of My grace shall flow 
forth grace and favor to all that are willing and obedient. For have I not said, the first shall be last and the last 
shall be first. Thus, it shall be as the fifth place of ministry is to be readied—then it shall be built by My design. 

For into this place shall flow the outreach ministries and from these in-gathering meetings shall flow the 
fullness of Christ. . .the workings of the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Ghost. For when you have the nine gifts, 
come together, then shall be fulfilled the Scripture, "these works and even greater works shall you do". 

There are the many that shall be raised up at the appointed time for the world to see. This is a part of the 
ministry of the end-time Church. For even as I have called John to make ready a people for the Lord, even so 
this will. . . bear the forerunner spirit that was upon John . This shall be a spirit of preparation. 

This is the separation work. I have called My people to come out and be separate unto Me. I will not have a 
piece of a people but it shall be all or none. 

I place in your hands the final decision and you shall go forth by faith. Faith is by My grace and in My grace is 
My tolerance and contingency for flesh. For the government shall be by the voice of twelve. 

Disciples shall be sent out.. .They shall go as servants into the "out of the way" places to compel them to come 
in to My House that it may be full . For this shall move to the outer borders of the city for the final phases of the 
building of My House of Prayer. 

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